Driver training at Invicta Couriers

At Invicta Couriers, we believe that well-trained drivers are the cornerstone of a reliable and cost-effective service. That's why we invest heavily in comprehensive driver training programs. Our training not only emphasises safety and health but also focuses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, directly benefiting our customers. Smart Driving: Smart driving goes beyond adhering to [...]

Harnessing the Power of the Sun at Invicta Couriers!

We're thrilled to announce an exciting leap in our commitment to sustainability – Invicta Couriers has installed an impressive array of 72 solar panels at our Whitstable depot! Transforming our roof into a green power station, these panels sprawl over 210 square meters, and they're not just for show. They're set to produce a [...]

Did you know Invicta Couriers FORS Silver accredited?

There are a number of benefits to our customers, our drivers and the environment. Here is a summary of a few of those benefits: At Invicta Couriers, every decision we make is a commitment to our drivers, the environment and our valued customers. FORS Silver accreditation makes that possible in the following ways: Our [...]

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