In order to offer the best prices and value to our customers we need to know, amongst many other factors, how much the fuel for a trip is going to cost. We also believe in being efficient and making everyone’s lives as easy as possible.

The quick way to work out the cost of fuel is to use this Journey Cost Calculator tool, however, more information can be found below.

To calculate the cost of fuel for a journey you need 3 pieces of information.

  • Cost of fuel per litre
  • Total number of miles
  • Miles per Gallon (MPG) for the vehicle

The cost of the fuel may vary on your journey, the total number of miles will almost certainly be an estimate and the MPG for the vehicle will also be an estimate. You will need to accept that the result is not 100% accurate but still a very useful guide.

You can find a very useful tool to calculate the fuel cost here:

On average our Luton vans will do 20 MPG. This could be lower if you drive fast, are heavily loaded and/or drive in a lot of slow moving traffic.

Our Large vans will be 22-27 MPG.

Medium vans will be 25-30 MPG.

The total number of miles can easily be calculated on Google maps.

Fuel prices can be checked on the RAC’s website.

Of course you could calculate the cost yourself but if you want an easy way you can use this tool: Journey Cost Calculator