We’re thrilled to announce an exciting leap in our commitment to sustainability – Invicta Couriers has installed an impressive array of 72 solar panels at our Whitstable depot!
Transforming our roof into a green power station, these panels sprawl over 210 square meters, and they’re not just for show. They’re set to produce a staggering 27,555 Kwh of clean, renewable energy annually. This huge step forward enables us to offset the environmental footprint of our courier operations, drastically cutting our carbon emissions.
As a courier service, we are well aware of the impact of our operations on the environment. That’s why we are taking decisive steps to make Invicta Couriers a beacon of sustainable practices within our industry.
Our mission is about more than just delivering your packages; we are committed to delivering on our promise of sustainability. We hope that our move towards solar power inspires others to consider renewable energy options.
Here’s to Invicta Couriers embracing the sun and leading the way to a greener, brighter future!
Invicta Couriers Solar Panel Installation