About Us


Invicta Couriers in Kent was established in 1989 and is a member of the Road Haulage Association. We are FORS Silver accredited.

FORS Silver Accredited Courier

Based in Kent and we specialise in Same-Day National Deliveries.

We have consistently grown in the past 34 years to include a variety of methods of transportation to suit our customers’ needs.

Why use Invicta Couriers?

Our drivers – polite, professional, helpful and uniformed.

The Management Team – knowledgeable friendly and efficient, happy to offer help and free advice to provide your logistical solutions.

Our vehicles – we use modern, fuel-efficient vehicles that are routinely serviced and cleaned. We carry out most vehicle maintenance in our own workshop.

Cost – we endeavour to offer you a top quality service at highly competitive rates.

Transport partnerships – working with you not just for you. We have the flexibility to adapt to last minute customer led changes to job specifications as required.

Consolidation undertaken – you can make us your single delivery point for multi-sourced product collation and onward distribution.

Refrigeration – small scale storage and distribution down to -20℃: we take bulk supply deliveries and distribute to your customers according to your specifications.

Storage – we can arrange to warehouse anything from one to many pallets of your stock – either for long term storage
or for staggered distribution throughout the UK.

ADR Carriage of Dangerous Goods – please contact us for help, advice or price.

ATP (Accord Transports Perishables) – if you require international food deliveries that come under ATP, we can service all your needs.

Pharmaceutical – we have a number of pharmaceutical companies that use us and we are competent to undertake a variety of delivery requirements, whether refrigerated or ambient.

Looking after the environment

We are always looking for ways to do our jobs greener and more efficiently. Since 2002 we have been using alternative fuels to cut down our impact on the environment. These are some of the things we do to make our operation greener:

We are lucky enough to have our own workshops so that we can maintain our vehicles at a reduced cost and keep them economically viable for longer. As long as reliability and efficiency are not compromised we will keep vans for up to ten years – this is a tremendous achievement considering they may travel up to 100,000 miles per year. We change them when we feel that a new vehicle will have an advantage on fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions which will outway the cost to the environment in building a new vehicle.

Our drivers are trained to drive in an environmentally responsible manner.

Where possible we arrange a backload for return to base to maximise the effective use of fuel resources. We can arrange groupage with some consignments with other less urgent consignments, again maximising the effective use of fuel resources. We are presently working on publishing vehicle daily locations to assist customers in helping us backload.

We endeavour to equip our trucks and vans with air dams/spoilers etc to reduce the coefficient of drag with the inherent resource savings.

Most of our trucks also utilise cruise control which provides far better fuel efficiency and all our trucks use engine exhaust braking.

We realise that vehicles do break down on rare occasion and have a protocol in place to rapidly deal with the ongoing delivery of customer consignments and in-house recovery of our vehicles.

We try always to stay one step ahead, regarding transport issues, to minimise the environmental impact we have and we are constantly seeking out new initiatives as they become available.

We endeavour to select the most appropriate vehicle for the job. For example, if your consignment will fit into one of our cars with emissions of less than 100g of CO2 per km then that is the vehicle we will try to use.